SRK Monthly Update – June

by | Jun 30, 2017

SRK Monthly Update – June

We’re bringing in the last day of June with an update of our latest adventures!


In our last update, I’m sure you will remember that Simon sat down with the Sikh channel to discuss SRK and was broadcasted globally. If you missed it, here it is!



SRK is very excited to announce our recent partnership with a cause close to our hearts! We have committed to supporting Railway Children in their mission of creating a world where no child ever has to live on the streets.


Children run away or are forced to leave homes where they suffer poverty, violence, abuse and neglect. They find themselves living on the streets because there is nowhere else to go and nobody to turn to. Railway Children work to reach children within the UK, India and Africa as soon as they arrive on the streets and intervene before an abuser can.


SRK has set an ambitious fundraising target that we will work towards over the year. We’ll be sure to get as many of our clients involved as possible! Any support you can offer us, will be much appreciated.


Core 4

At SRK we are constantly striving to ensure our clients find value in everything we do. In a recent Blue Ocean Strategy session, we developed our Core 4 and SRK app. These are added value services which focus on supporting our clients throughout their business lifecycle, so they can achieve success on their terms (you’ll also struggle to find them elsewhere)!


The Core 4 consists of four elements of goodness:


Shortcut to Success ProgrammeAll clients will get access to free events, webinars and resources designed to shortcut their path to success. Experts will present at every event to share their knowledge without the sales pitches. Essentially a mini MBA for no extra cost. 


Business Service AdvisoryA client only page which allows clients to cut out the noise of google and view a list of SRK approved suppliers that can be selected to meet their business needs, in order to thrive (at preferential rates, of course).


Vision Board – Our Vision Board sessions will help clients set and establish their ultimate business vision. We’ll take them through an insightful process, from creating a mindset of positive anticipation to then establishing what success looks like to them. We’ll then use this vision to track actual versus vision and give coaching to keep them on track. This ensures our clients never forget what they are ultimately striving for and can constantly track their progress.


Entrepreneurs Network – We understand that the lifestyle of a small business owner can often be lonely! We’ve established an exclusive, invite only online group via Facebook for our clients to connect, collaborate and mutually refer work to other SRK clients. 


We’ll begin rolling out each element of the Core 4 to our clients each week in July.


We want to know what you think! What time would be best for you to attend a webinar? Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated, so please get in touch!


Free July Events


Thank you to everyone that attended our free R&D event in London. If you missed it in London, we’ll be releasing the video recording to clients very soon. If you are Birmingham, we aim to replicate it there in the very near future, so watch this space for updates.



This month:


London – 13th of July – Financial issues? Why it doesn’t need to be the end of your business.  

Join us for networking and a presentation from ReSolve, a specialist corporate finance house, to learn how to spot financial difficulty, as well as what you should be doing before, during and after financial difficulty to ensure it doesn’t need to be the end of your business.
Why this should be important to your business?
  • More than half of new small businesses do not make it past 5 years of trading
  • 93% of businesses will fail eventually
  • Financial difficultly does not need to be the end of your business
  • Don’t become a statistic of failure!

Coming Up

SRK’s MD, Simon will be releasing his new book – Unleash Your Business Potential! If you haven’t already taken advantage of his pre-release offer, get your free ebook now!


Thanks for reading! If you have any comments, please submit them below.  

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