This Sunday We Are Running for Charity – Please Support Us! 

by | Feb 16, 2018

This Sunday We Are Running for Charity – Please Support Us! 

The countdown is on! This Sunday the SRK team is running a half-marathon for the amazing charity, Railway Children! Originally we were scheduled to run in December but due to the bad snow it was postponed to the 18th of February.

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If you know us here at SRK Accounting, you’ll know that the majority of us aren’t exactly the embodiment of health. However, that is about to change as the entire SRK Accounting Team will be running 13.1 miles in the Milton Keynes Winter Half Marathon this Sunday on behalf of Railway Children.


We first became aware and inspired by the work of Railway Children after Oscar nominated Lion hit the screens and told the story of Saroo, a lost railway child in India and his long journey home.


It is estimated that 112,000 children, like Saroo, arrive on platforms at 35 stations in India every year. Once on the streets, these children are highly vulnerable and an easy target for abusers. With no support or protection, drugs, violence and sexual exploitation often become a way of life; often they’re even necessary for survival. These children live with constant fear, loneliness and helplessness that they can see no way to escape from.


Railway Children prevent this horrific outcome by reaching them first. This intervention prevents children from entering the cycle of relentless poverty, violence, hunger and abuse. Railway Children provide support and offer children a safe place to stay, food, clothing and medical assistance. Through their hard work and dedication, a number of railway stations now provide Child Protection Booths where children can receive the protection and support they need. Drop in centres now enable Railway Children to provide vocational training to remove more children from the streets and into paid work. A Child Protection Booth is often the difference between life or death for thousands of children every year. However, to reach more vulnerable children, Railway Children needs support to expand into every railway station. That is why we are proud to support the work of Railway Children by running this Sunday!


Like Railway Children, we believe in a world where no child ever has to live on the streets. Please join us in helping to raise £5000 to make this vision a reality.


Help SRK reach £5000!


Meet the Railway Children. 

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Meet Sanoj.

When Sanoj was 11 years old he boarded a train with a stranger who claimed to know his father. He started to suspect he was in danger and managed to escape at a railway station. He attempted to find the correct train to take him home but in the confusion of the busy station he ended up on a train headed east. Luckily a Railway Protection Officer was there and trained how to spot a child in need. Sanoj was taken to a child protection booth and eventually reunited with his worried mother.

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Meet Arun.

Arun was sold into child labour. Railway Children rescued him and thanks to their intervention he has now been reunited with family. 


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Meet Raju.

At the age of 14, Raju was desperate to earn some money for his struggling family in Bihar, Northern India. Tempted by higher wages, he decided to take the 1,250 mile journey to Tamil Nadu, without telling his parents who were left frantically searching for him in nearby villages. Far away in Namakkal, Raju was made to work in a poultry factory in terrible conditions. He was not properly fed, forced to sleep on a filthy floor and was beaten after being forced to work long hours, before he managed to escape after 1 month. Railway Children found him at one of their Child Friendly Stations. They got to him before traffickers could and a result he was able to have a hot shower, have something to eat and wear new clothes. Railway Children then reunited him with his family. 


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Meet Khusi.

After Khusi lost both of her parents she was forced to marry a neighbour. When she ran from the abusive marriage she only had 50 rupees (57p) in her pocket. Railway Children found her in a very distressed state at Darbhanga station. After counselling they reunited her with her grandmother where she is now living happily.


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Meet Jamile.

Jamile lost his father at the age of 8. His mother struggled to support the family so he started working at a food stall to help provide for them but when the owner stopped paying him he ran away to the city to find more work. Eventually he ended up alone at Sealdah Station in Kolkata and spent 3 years enduring things no child should have to before Railway Children found him. They reunited him with his family and because of their intervention he is now safe.


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Meet Khusi.

She was 12 years old when she lost both of her parents. Aged 13, she was married to a local boy and faced beatings and abuse. After six months, she ran away. Railway Children found her on Platform 2 at Darbhanga station. She was desperate, distressed and in very real danger. Railway Children gave her shelter and reunited her with her grandmother. She is now safe and happily settled and looking forward to the future without fear.


These are the children we are running for this Sunday.

Please support us by donating what you can. 



Watch this space for lots of post-marathon photos!

Thank you for reading! Please leave any feedback and comments below.