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“You've been phenomenal. I understand my numbers, I've saved tax, everything's automated & smooth, I've got clear goals and I sleep better at night.”

Ryan Terry
Fitness Coach

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“I love you guys, I wouldn't have been able to build my business to where it is now without you. Massive trust has been built & I'm confident with money.”

Georgie Fit
Online Fitness & Lifestyle Coach

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“Working with Simon has been amazing for me, and allowed me to stay in my zone of genius because I’m mastering my finances”

Amy Rushworth
Healing Priestess

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“Working with Simon has helped me get true financial clarity, so the decisions I am making are the right ones to grow my business”

Lauren Armes
Business Coach & CEO

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“Working with Simon gave me clarity on what I actually want from my business, through the financial planning process I’ve completed re-engineered what my vision is for the future”

Africa Brooke
Mindset Coach & Consultant

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“We're seriously impressed with Growfactor and our Senior Growth Manager, Asees. The systems that are being put in place are amazing, the training is excellent and we can see the massive value this will add to our business.”

Rob Dickson
Brand & Web Designer

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