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Ever felt like your accountant just doesn’t understand you?

Well it’s critical that you have an accountant who has experience working with businesses in your sector, over a long period of time.

We’ve worked with Restaurants for over 12 years and this allows us to have an in depth understanding of how to support you best.

From industry specific financial planning templates, optimising your systems & processes, minimising your tax bill, understanding your margins, pricing strategies and way more…we’ve got you covered.

We setup sub teams at GrowFactor to operate like niche specific accountancy firms BUT we have the added benefit of working across multiple niches. We can learn from outside the box and that helps us to be better advisors.

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Master your Finances

With our systems, processes, and planning expertise you’ll quickly get on top of your business finances.

Minimise your taxes

We understand your industry specific deductions, and the tax credits available to you.

Plan Strategically

Tell us your goals and we’ll make them reality with strategic planning, ongoing advice, and a supportive community.

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What our clients say...

Find out how Growfactor helped Paul grow his business and became an integral part of his team.

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What our clients say

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Ryan Terry
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You've been phenomenal. I understand my numbers, I've saved tax, everything's automated & smooth, I've got clear goals and I sleep better at night.

Ryan Terry
Fitness Coach
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Lauren Armes
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Working with Simon has helped me get true financial clarity, so the decisions I am making are the right ones to grow my business

Lauren Armes
Business Coach & CEO
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Rob Dickson
5 star review icon

We're seriously impressed with Growfactor and our Senior Growth Manager, Asees. The systems that are being put in place are amazing, the training is excellent and we can see the massive value this will add to our business.

Rob Dickson
Brand & Web Designer
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