A Need Versus Want Mindset in Business

Having a need mindset could be the reason your business growth is stuck

It struck me when recording my latest Podcast episode with Steve Orton that all successful people have a want versus a need mindset.

This can have a massive impact on the financial success or not of your business.

What is a need mindset?

You focus on what you need like;
Paying your mortgage
Paying your bills

What is a want mindset?

You focus on what you want like;
A country estate
4 holidays a year
a supercar
your kids in private school
100k in the bank

If you focus on need you'll get stuck earning slightly more than you need.

If you focus on what you want you'll grow your income consistently to the point you are in freedom, well above what you actually need?


You get what you focus on, you set bigger goals, your actions are different, your awareness of opportunities is bigger.

So what can you do now to move from need to want?

Firstly brain dump down what your life looks like in ten years time, five years then one year.

Where do you live? What are you earning? Where do you go on holiday? How do you feel? What do you drive?

Then start to translate that into tangible goals

This is part of the process

For the full goal setting step by step process drop me an email and I'll send you the details.


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