Be careful who you take business advice from

Is your business adviser harming your business?

Want to grow your business? Then you will need to seek advice and get a coach, or join a mastermind at some point.

Business is like anything else.

Want to get good at tennis? Get a coach

Want to get in the best shape of your life? Get a coach

Why? Well you need expertise, experience, a different perspective, support and accountability.

You don't know everything.

BUT the issue today is who to choose and who to trust.

You have to be very careful who you listen to.

There are only a handful of business coaches who I respect.

Most of the them are smoke and mirrors.

Make sure a coach, mentor or advisor can prove they have practically scaled their own business or that of their clients.

They should ideally have industry specific knowledge and be able to shortcut your route to success.

Not someone trained in theory, not a generic any industry round table and not someone who is earning less than you!

Masterminds are great but don’t follow everything or you’ll end up like everyone else. The ones that preach a certain way of doing things, and don't give options just churn out businesses that all look like each other.

The most successful mentor I have spends over $1m a year in self development.

It's not a coincidence.

What we go at GrowFactor is help our clients get control over their numbers, reduce their taxes and plan strategically.

What we don't do (yet) is coach or offer a mastermind.

However we want to be our clients most valuable business partner so we will recommend coaches, mentors or masterminds that we have vetted and know to be of value.

Plus this whole thing only works if you have the measurement metrics in place to track if the strategies your coach recommends are improving your growth rate, profits and cash.

That's the whole reason for getting advice in the first place isn't it?

If you're interested in jumping on a call to discuss this further or want to apply to be a GrowFactor client then just drop me an email.

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