How to attract your ideal clients

Most people make the mistake of trying to be everything to everyone when they start out. Don't go down that road.

Don’t run before you can walk.

The biggest thing I learnt from my £5k/month mentor.

A business should be able to do three things well

1 - Attract Prospects

2 - Convert prospects into paying clients

3 - Deliver massive value In terms of attraction.

When you start out it’s best to go small. Find a niche market that you like and everything you do is for them.

Your product, your service, your pricing...everything.

Don’t try to be everything to everyone.

Dominate that market - content, PR, speaking engagements, partnerships.

When you are bigger you can then create sub teams within your business to work across several niches BUT Your marketing message and content need to be of value for all of you aren’t going to create sub brands, different social channels etc

You might be asking why you should take advice from an accountant?

Well I have scaled my own business to multi 7 figures while balancing family and personal pursuits.

I've seen thousands of good and bad businesses.

I've been able to help GrowFactor clients plan strategically, which is included in every monthly plan we have for clients.

Until next time....Simon

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