Is Ai a threat or an opportunity to your business?

If you move now you can get a headstart on your competition by using Ai for good...

Is AI a threat or an opportunity?

Putting aside the threat to mankind (as it's kinda scary!) you have to move with the times.

Where are you seeing the opportunity to use it in your business?

Can you streamline process?

Can you remove certain roles in your business to increase margin?

Can it increase the quality of your work?

AI will allow accountants to automate bookkeeping - you might want to retrain now bookkeepers....It will allow us to pre analyse financial statements and management accounts for clients.

It allows us to analyse tax returns to find overpaid taxes.....99% of the time.

But why would a client still come to us?

As a service business I truly believe humans want and desire other humans to deliver a message.

That element of the service will become more and more valuable.

Like I heard in the Wimbledon commentary this week.

Players will always have mental coaches, physical coaches and tennis coaches but ALL GREAT PLAYERS have a ex player in their camp.

They have lived through circumstances they are going through. They understand.

That's why you need to make sure that aspect of your business is delivering MASSIVE VALUE.

And that's what makes GrowFactor different.

We built our business from 0 to high 7 figures over 13 years as an owner managed business.

We get you and we get it.

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