Strategic Planning

Why most business owners are wrong about strategic planning

Most business owners ignore strategic planning, believing it to be a waste of time.

They imagine Apprentice-style 300-page plans that are so elaborate they’re outdated by the time they roll off the printer

Who has the time or inclination to write a business plan like that?

(Apart from Apprentice contestants!)

The truth about business plans

If you don’t have a business plan, you’ll struggle to communicate your vision and mission across your team. 

It’ll be really hard to stay on track and motivated over the long term.

You’ll end up doing too much (most of it tasks that aren’t moving you closer to your goals).

Agile business planning for ambitious businesses

Imagine if strategic planning could be quick, laser focused and something that’s updated regularly.

It would allow you to document your goals, vision, values, projects all in one place.

You could share it with your team or stakeholders to align everyone.

You can use it to create a culture within your business.

Whenever you need to decide whether to take on a project or a task, you can refer to your plan.

And all of this can be on one page. 

How to create a one-page business plan

At GrowFactor we use a process called sprint planning with our clients. This results in a one-page business plan, which gets updated every 90 days. It contains:

  • Your vision
  • Your business values
  • 10 year bhag*
  • 5 year goals
  • 3 year goals
  • 1 year goals
  • 90 day goals

And - crucially - the key projects you’re going to complete to achieve those goals.

This is the exact process I used. It  enabled me to reduce my hours by 40 per week, and triple my cash over a 2 year period. It focused me as a CEO, and make my team hyper efficient. 

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* Big hairy audacious goal

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