Using your network to grow your business

Do you want regular, warm leads for your business that cost nothing? If so read on....

In this blog article I am going to share an easy and free way to grow your business you probably aren't using.

Are you using your network to grow your business and get leads for free?

If not then I would highly recommend it as a great way to sustainably grow.

A quick way to grow your business is to get others to believe in your mission.

If you have a small number of partners who are invested in your service, believe in the value and get rewarded if they recommend you you’ll regularly get leads that are warm and easy to convert into paying clients.

What you need for this:

Partners who have your prospects in their network
A valuable service or product they can get behind
A referral reward scheme
A system to stay top of mind with your partners

Your net-worth is directly related to your network!

I shot a full video on this (it's only 41 seconds) and can be seen at the link below.

These are the kind of bits of advice we help clients at GrowFactor with, along with mastering their finances and saving tax.

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