What is a Tax Strategy

What is a Tax Strategy - and how do you create one?

Without a tax strategy, you leave yourself open to the possibility of a significant tax bill right when you least expect it. Sounds stressful and costly? It could all be avoided with tax planning.

For example, if you structure your business incorrectly then sell it, you could face a large Capital Gains tax bill.

But if you take steps now to structure your business in the right way, you could avoid Capital Gains Tax entirely.

That’s how powerful tax strategy and planning can be!

This doesn’t involve any tax evasion schemes.

We have never - and will never - recommend our clients or community engage in any tax evasion schemes. That’s now what professional tax strategy is about at all.

So what do I mean by tax strategy?

My tax strategy guidance helps you understand the various reliefs that HMRC have available to you and shows you how to make use of them.

Here’s a simple example: just by gifting shares in your Company to your husband or wife, you can use their tax free allowance for dividends.

There are hundreds of factors to consider. Here’s how to get started with a proper, fit-for-purpose tax strategy for your business.

  1. Work with an accountant who has a good understanding of tax
  2. Meet with them regulary 
  3. Discuss your goals, current financial situation, personal life and more 
  4. Make sure they update your tax strategy with best advice
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