What mindset does a Michelin Star Chef have?

Thinking big really is a key difference maker between success and mediocrity

I have a story to share with you in today's blog.

I had a former Michelin star chef on my Podcast this week, Rob Palmer, who walked away from a star and 4 AA Rosettes to start his own restaurant.

When we were casually discussing the quality of restaurants in the Midlands he said, " Well, looking at the Michelin Star restaurants you have our restaurant, oops we don't have a star...yet, "

He continued to list off the other restaurants making a point about the diversity of styles available.

Which is true, Birmingham is a talented area with many amazing places to try (budget willing!)

But the point I picked up here is that, without any thought, he placed his restaurant up there with the best, assuming it's only a matter of time before he picks up that coveted Michelin Star again.

This is a common trait amongst successful entrepreneurs.


Unshakeable belief they will succeed.

The how is always the easier bit. The hardest bit is setting the BHAG* and thinking 10x instead of 2x.

*Big Hairy Audacious Goal

So many entrepreneurs or business owners just target incremental improvement, or 2x.

When they could be thinking bigger, working less and achieving more.

If you'e not sure where to start with this I would begin with filling out your own BHAG, and a one page business plan to help you see where you are going.

Then you can think about how to get there. Most people get this the wrong way around.

If you want a template, and free training on how to use a 1 page business plan (the same one we use at GrowFactor to go from coffee table to 2m in sales over ten years) then drop me an email with the words BUSINESS PLAN and I'll share the link with you.


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