What separates successful business owners?

Are you at the stage where you should be working harder?

After a recent podcast interview with Dave Hamlet, ex Director at Monster Energy and now award winning entrepreneur, we discussed ....

What separates most successful entrepreneurs from the rest?

Well, my belief is that it's the same thing that separates most top athletes from the rest.

Work ethic.

Yes Messi and Ronaldo have unreal natural talent, like Bezos and Musk but without hard work it would have been wasted.

In Dave's case he started a business while working as a Director at a Monster, even taking the risk of being sacked through breach of contract.

70-80 hours a week for him was not uncommon.

Again in my opinion, there’s too much talk of 4 hour work weeks and online magic funnels right now.

Behind the scenes of every success story there is always a period of deep hard work for a number of years.

Foot of the gas time can come when you’ve hired people who will work as hard as you did and are bought into your vision. You can then step into your genius zone.

Ps don’t confuse blind hustle with directional hard work.

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