Why is bookkeeping so important?

The foundation of all your business decisions should come from your numbers

Today's blog is a reminder of the importance of the foundational layer of your business.

I often talk about dashboards, performance reports, forecasting, kpis and so on BUT

None of this is possible without accurate weekly bookkeeping - ideally in Xero.

It should be the foundation for your business.

Without it you can’t make good decisions and you are putting your business at risk.

I have no idea how people run businesses from bank statements or their own spreadsheets.

Or review their financials once a month or once a quarter, your business moves much faster than that.


If you don't have weekly bookkeeping, or you are doing it yourself Or you have a disconnected team of bookkeeper, accountant and CFO then maybe it's time for a change.

Sub 100k businesses are ok to go it alone, with supervision and support and do their own bookkeeping.

>100k really need an accountant to do it for them, and setup the right systems and processes to automate the whole thing.

If you need any help with this my Company GrowFactor have a capacity of one new client a week, that qualifies to work with us.

If you are interested in chatting about what this might look like just get in touch with me.

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